Sunggwan Choi

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Hello, I am Choi

A third year Computing Security student at Rochester Institute of Technology. I am very passionate about building a career in Cybersecurity and Information Technology industry.

Desire for knowledge always drives me. Cybersecurity is a vast field; both vertically and horizontally. This passion drove me to be successful in class, participate in competitions, do personal side projects, become a Tech Lead for RIT's cybersecurity student club, and become a member of three different interest group related with cybersecurity.

The passion have made me to stretch further and further; to the industry. I'm a self driven and a fast learner, trying to work within the community, for the community. I'm excited to find out where this journey will lead me.

If you are interested, please check out my resume, linkedin profile, and blog.

Primary way to contact me is through Linkedin.

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Awards & Certifications


  • 2019 - OSCP - Offensive Security Certified Professional
  • 2018 - eJPT - eLearning Security's Junior Penetration Tester


  • 2019 - 1st Place IRSEC - Linux Web Lead
  • 2019 - 4th Place University of Buffalo Lockdown - Linux Web Lead
  • 2019 - 3rd Place Information Security Talent Search 17 - Linux Web Lead
  • 2018 - 2nd Place RITSEC 2018 Spring Weekly Capture the Flag Challenge
  • 2018 - 2nd Place University of Buffalo Lockdown - Windows Lead
  • 2018 - RIT Founders Scholarship for International Students
  • 2018 - Dean's List


Penetration Tester Intern

IBM X-Force Red
  • Starting Soon, in June 2020.

Vulnerability Research Assistant

RIT Eaton Cybersecurity SAFE Lab
  • Found multiple CVSS High/Medium level vulnerabilities within various IoT devices; firmwares, and web applications
  • Manual vulnerability assessment using burpsuite, postman, python scripts, basic forensics using sysinternals and decompilers
  • Technical writing through professional vulnerability assessment report based on the findings

Research and Development Intern

RIT Saunders Student Accelerator Program
  • Intern at a student startup team creating social mobile application
  • Conducting 90 customer discovery interviews and developing product conceptualization.
  • Responsible for mobile application product conceptualization through customer discovery data.

Social Service Agent

Republic of Korea Army
  • Worked at Songpa-Gu district office, Human Services Department
  • Performed tier-1 IT help desk jobs for 40 government officials
  • Retrieved and distributed donation goods to 700 Supplemental Security income individuals in Songpa-Gu

June 2020 - Aug 2020 (Starting Soon, WIP)

Jan 2019 - Nov 2019

Jan 2019 - May 2019

Nov 2014 - Nov 2016


For up-to-date Projects, Please check Linkedin.

Old Projects

Windows Userland Keylogger

Objective: Learn Deployment of Malware, Incident Response
  • Developed a Windows Userland Keylogger in order to have a stronger understanding of how malwares function and how to defend against them.
  • Learned about bypassing antivirus, how to block malwares from bypassing antivirus, hiding powershell payload, relationship between word process and the shell process it spawns, code obfuscation
  • Github repository with source code is only available to recruiters upon request, for ethical reason
Powerpoint slides Link
Presentation Youtube Link (4min)

Pyransom - Build one, defend one

Objective: Programming, Cryptography, Malware Analysis, Incident Response
  • Developed a Proof of Concept ransomware with python
  • (In Progress) Wrote a brief report on analyzing and defending this malware
  • Implemented hybrid cryptosystem; AES for bulk encrypting, RSA for AES key encrypting
  • Github repository with source code is only available to recruiters upon request, for ethical reason.
Github Repo - No Source Code, only README
Report - Defending Pyransom

RITSEC Weekly Challenges - Tech Lead

Objective: Create weekly challenges based on different topics
  • Tech Lead, leadership role responsible for 150+ club members' education in cybersecurity
  • Created Capture the Flag(CTF) type weekly challenges for club members to solve. Documented challenge write ups
  • Topics covered: Networking, Cloud, Web, Cryptography, Penetration Testing, Attack Life Cycle, Reverse Engineering, Scripting
Presentation - Penetration Testing Week (18min, skim through)
Example Challenge + Writeup Link


Rochester Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science / Master of Science - Computing Security

GPA: 3.74

Relevant Courses: Penetration Testing, Web Application Security, Malware Analysis, Cyber Attack/Defense, System Administration I, Intro to Routing and Swiching, Network Services, Intro to Cryptography, Concepts of Computer Systems (Assembly, hardware)

Jan 2018 - May 2021